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Data-Driven Leader at the Forefront, Exploring Our Founder | CEO Bimal's Impact on Our Growth and Innovation

At the heart of our startup's dynamic growth and innovation stands our founder and CEO, Bimal Wickramasinghe. With 15 years of diverse experience in sales and marketing, Administrative and managerial across various industries, Bimal has consistently demonstrated his ability to devise successful market strategies. His journey, underpinned by a solid educational background with a Bachelor and a Master of Business Administration, seamlessly blends academic knowledge with practical, real-world applications.

Bimal's career is a testament to adaptability and versatility. He has contributed significantly to industries like telecommunications, FMCG, banking and finance, technology infrastructure, software development, BPO, airline and aviation, property management, and real estate. This extensive industry exposure has not only broadened his perspective but also honed his ability to uncover cross- industry synergies.

What truly sets Bimal apart is his commitment to continual learning and embracing cutting-edge technologies. His credentials extend beyond conventional academia; he is a certified expert in Microsoft Power Business Intelligence and has completed data science for business qualification. Bimal's proficiency in data visualization and predictive analysis is especially significant. His expertise in Microsoft's business intelligence tools enables him to transform complex data into actionable insights, driving strategic decisions that propel our business forward.

A hallmark of Bimal's leadership is his data-driven approach. This is exemplified in his development of the '1300Cars' mobile application, a revolutionary solution in the Australian automotive service industry. This app reflects his unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and data acumen, offering an enduring service experience to vehicle owners across Australia.

Bimal's professional excellence in sales and marketing, Administrative and managerial combined with his entrepreneurial ventures, highlights his innovative mindset. His exceptional track record and rich experience, fuelled by a deep understanding of data analytics and business intelligence, make him the ideal leader for our startup. Under Bimal's guidance, we are poised for a future of innovation, growth, and industry leadership, driven by data, creativity, and technical expertise.

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1300Cars Australia


The process of buying, driving, and maintaining a car involves quite a few aspects

Roadside Assistance

When you're in a pinch, 1300Cars is there to provide the support you need. Whether it's a flat tire, a dead battery, or any other roadside emergency, our platform connects you with reliable assistance at the tap of a button. No matter where you are, we've got you covered with prompt and professional help.

Up-to-Date Fuel Prices

We keep you informed with the most current fuel prices available at your nearby fuel station. With our real-time updates, you'll always know where to find the best deals on gasoline. Make practicality decisions at the pump and save on your fuel costs, all thanks to 1300Cars.

One-Click Convenience

We've simplified the entire process of finding the automotive services you need. No more time-consuming searches or navigating through complicated menus. With just one click, you can easily discover, book, and connect with service providers that cater to your specific automotive needs. It's hassle-free, efficient, and designed to make your life on the road smoother and more enjoyable.

AI fine-tune 1300Cars mobile application